Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter, a lost tooth, green hair, and a T-Rex on the table!

As we were walking out of the house to go to church Easter morning, Damon noticed that Jonathan had blood on his pants.  Jonathan had had a bloody nose and it had dripped onto his leg, which transferred to his other leg as he walked.  He has also wiped his nose on his sleeve cuff.  The sleeves were quickly rolled up and I'm sure few people noticed his pants.  He was not going to tuck in his shirt though! 

Joseph probably put on his suit at least three times during the week leading up to Easter.  He said he "just loved it so much" he wanted to wear it all the time! Unfortunately, he did wear it most of the day and got dirt and glitter all over it.  Back to the cleaners! 
Elizabeth was not about to wear the headband in her hair, it was her necklace!  While Jonathan's vest and all of Joe's attire was hand-me-down clothing from the Morrison family, Elizabeth's dress was first worn by cousin Elaina for her Easter dress five years earlier. 

Cora didn't mind the hair band and kept it on most of the day.  She received her dress from Grandma Sandy for Christmas.  It still fit!

After dinner Elizabeth felt a little cold as she ran around the yard collecting eggs and got her sweater from the hook.  Aunt Vicki playfully put one egg in her zipped up jacket, and Elizabeth kept on filling it!

Before the age of 7 months, Cora can crawl, pull her self up on furniture and legs, and even start to walk along the couch a bit. 
Joe lost his first tooth before Spring break, and his second during break.  He received a quarter for his first tooth, but then lost the second.  Since the tooth fairy had to look for and find the tooth, he had to find his quarter.  When he found one on the fire place mantle, he claimed it!

Joe agreed to dye his hair for the Jog-A-Thon and crazy hair day.  We couldn't find any blue and he certainly did not like the green!  He insisted on washing it out before going to school. 
That weekend Jonathan wanted to try it as well, but also didn't like it. 

Monsters, dinosaurs, towers, robots, and all manner of other creatures have been built in this house lately with Mega Blocks.   Daddy helped with this T-Rex but the boys do pretty well on their own too. 
When the rain made mud, the kids jumped in it!  And had a great time, too!  It all washed out of the clothing, but the interiors of the boys' boots were ruined. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Joe has his first loose tooth.  Which means that Jonathan, of course, also claims to have one.

Cora is 5.5 months old and is trying to crawl.  She gets up on her hands and knees and usually just rocks or moves inchworm style, but has been seen to actually move her hands and knees to achieve forward movement.

Elizabeth sliced her thumb pretty good yesterday with a razor.  It's a nasty deeper cut that makes her cry anytime the thumb is touched or bumped.

Jonathan will be four next week!  There aren't a lot of kids his age so it's hard to give him a birthday party with his friends.  Instead we're having a 'birthday get together' at the church parking lot this Saturday morning to ride bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc and have a cupcake afterwards.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Day in the Life....

Cora got hit in the head yesterday afternoon by a ball.  I was holding her while pitching balls to Joe to hit.  Jonathan picked one up to throw back to me but I didn't see it until just before it hit the back of her head.  Fortunately it is a light weight ball, not an actual baseball. It still left quite the red mark and caused lots of crying.

I made dinner-spanish rice with tomatoes& diced green chilies, chili powder, and cilantro.  Added in cooked chicken, pinto beans and a can of corn.  Turned out to be the hottest thing I've tasted all month.  No way were the kids going to eat it!  We forgot about healthy and went for speed--boxed macaroni and cheese.  The kids loved it!  Damon and I ate the rice with tortilla chips, which cut the heat enough for me to enjoy it.

Friday, June 21, 2013

A birthday trip to the ER.

  Wednesday night Jonathan took the nightlight out of the bathroom plug and stuck in a metal key.  He was shocked by the electricity, but other than a really hot hand that hurt, he seemed fine and went to bed.  The keys were left scorched and corroded though.  Thursday he was sorta out of it all day, even taking a very unusual mid-morning nap and not eating lunch.  That afternoon, while the other kids slept, he had a seizure.  Damon saw his eyes fixed to one side and he couldn't stop fluttering his feet.  He called 911 and an ambulance came.  The ambulance followed me down the street as I came home from Professional Development meetings.  After the paramedics assessed him, Damon carried him down to the ambulance, forgetting to even get his shoes.  I sent down clothes for Jonathan and shoes for Damon.  Too bad Johnny doesn't really remember the ambulance ride, he'd have loved it!  The ER doctor called me about an hour after they got to the hospital and asked for more information about his shock.  After that, I wasn't able to get in contact with Damon by phone again. 

 As this was all happening on Joe's 5th birthday, it changed our plans a bit.  Instead of having ribs with the missionaries, my parents brought pizza over to celebrate!  Joe and I compromised and said that he had wait to open gifts until everyone was done eating dinner, but he could open them before cake.  It took him an HOUR to finish his one piece of pizza because he kept asking to open his gifts!  Finally done, he opened his new Star Wars Naboo Starfighter and shirt.  We went to the park for a little bit of baseball and playing on the equipment.  Then the kids went over to spend the night and I went up to the hospital.

 Johnny and Damon had just been told he could be discharged when I got there and we just had to wait for the paperwork, so it was perfect timing!  They ate the pizza I brought them-it was 9:00 at night and they hadn't had any dinner and then we were home a bit before 10:00.  We picked up Elizabeth on the way since she wasn't going to sleep for Grandma. 

 Jonathan needs to follow up with a Neurologist, Cardiologist, and Pediatrician today and so will spend a bit of time at the doctors.  As long as he doesn't have other seizures in the future, the doctor's will attribute the seizure to the electric shock.  If he were to have more, then something else is going on.  He seems perfectly well today and is very eager to see Joe and the new space ship he got.  You'd never know what happened yesterday!

Monday, March 18, 2013

We're Moving!

We don't know where, or exactly when, but sometime this summer we're moving.  We're looking to buy a house, but haven't found something in our price range (below $300,00) in a neighborhood we are willing to live in. Until we find it, we need a three bedroom apartment, as apparently our complex will only allow 5 people in a two bedroom apartment.  Yes, you read that right, and it does mean what you think it does.  Due October 9th.

In other news, today is Jonathan's 3rd birthday!  He's very excited about it, but wants to be 2 again. After some talking, we figured out that he wants to be 2 again so he can be 3 again and have another birthday.  He weighs 40 pounds (97%) and is 41" tall (off the charts at 97+).  He's still not talking much so the doctor gave us a referral to LBUSD to have his speech assessed.  He understands what you say to him, but most people would probably only be able to understand about 10 of his words.  He mostly only says the last syllable of each word, if it is intelligible at all.

Elizabeth's finger is getting much better after being smashed in the hinge side of a closet door two weeks ago.  It fractured and needed two stitches.  But, she's actually eating with that hand now, so it's getting better!

Joe has had a very hard time with the time change and getting enough sleep.  He's had a very grumpy/whiny/crying/etc. week. But, today was the first time he woke up without crying, so we're taking little steps to getting his back on schedule and happy again!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How Joe lost his hair

He said he wanted a hair cut like Darth Maul's.  Darth Maul doesn't have any hair.  So, we cut it all off!      He loves it.  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Elizabeth's Arrival

The very long story of how Elizabeth arrived:

I had had a feeling that Elizabeth would arrive sooner than her official due date of Wednesday, December 14th. Never the less, I planned my last day of work for just one week earlier, Tuesday Dec 6th. I had been unable to finish the grading on just one of my classes so I brought home one last set of notebooks to grade, planning on dropping them off at school the next morning.
Not two hours after leaving school contractions started. Just a couple an hour, not painful, but annoying and a distraction. I sat on the couch that night after the boys were asleep grading notebooks and watching Pearl Harbor Day documentaries. About 11:30 I headed to bed, knowing that I would probably be woken in a few hours with very strong contractions, just like with Jonathan. On my way to bed I told Damon, who was finishing a paper, that he should go to bed soon, as we "never know what tomorrow will bring." That got his attention as I hadn't told him about the contractions yet.
About 2:30am I was awoken by contractions, but unlike with Jonathan, whose contractions immediately made me get out of bed, I laid there until almost 3:00 dealing with them when I decided to go ahead and get up. About 3:10 I was lonely and didn't want to be wandering around the apartment by myself, so I woke up Damon. By 3:25 he had called my Mom to come over. She arrived shortly. I wasn't ready to go to the hospital yet though because this labor wasn't like before. The contractions weren't simply getting longer and stronger with shorter breaks in between. There would be several hard contractions and then a long (several minutes) break between. Then several easy ones, then a break again. It wasn't until I started taking longer to recover from each one that I consented to go. Even then, labor was going very quickly. My mom said that by the time I was ready to go, I was having up to three hard contractions in seven minutes.
We left about 4:00, got to the hospital about 4:20, and then had to wait. It took a little while, as it always does, to get everything set up: IV, blood drawn, papers signed, etc. Finally one of the nurses was ready to check for dilation. She later told me she was expecting me to only be a one. Apparently I didn't look like I was in enough pain! She thought it was about 7, but couldn't really tell because the bag of water was bulging so much, and she was feeling something different. She immediately had another nurse come in to check. The second nurse said it was actually 10 centimeters, but she also felt something different. They brought in the ultrasound to check on baby. The nurse first said that baby was transverse, laying sideways with her head on the left and her spine across the top of my belly. She called in the on-call doctor as my doctor was still 15 minutes out. The doctor said no, not transverse, a footling breach. Baby's one foot was way down and that was why something felt different. There wasn't a head there, it was a foot!
Footling breach means c-section. If she had really been transverse they could have tried to move her, but not when her foot is down like that. This was all figured out any about an hour after arriving at the hospital. So, I calculate that I had a natural labor of about three hours, arriving at 10 centimeters dilated about 1/2 hour after arriving at the hospital.
The surgery started about about 5:45, and Elizabeth was born at 6:19 am. The doctor since told us that Elizabeth's delivery was delayed because she couldn't get her head out! Because of the way she was positioned, Elizabeth's butt was delivered first. But, the uterus was contracting so hard around her head, the largest part of the body, she couldn't get her out for some time. Finally she was born though. Her apgar scores were 4 and 9, but apparently talk of surgery was almost immediately brought up. In cleaning her up, one of the nurses noticed something not quite right. Less that ten minutes after birth, Elizabeth was logged into the NICU. Before she left, before I was even sewn up, a nurse quickly brought baby by my head for a few seconds and then she was gone. She hadn't even been bundled up yet. Damon went with her to hear from the NICU and surgery consult.
After several hours in recovery I was finally sent to my room. Damon had gone home to get some sleep after NICU. I couldn't call long distance to Damon so I called my mom to check on the boys. She told me that Elizabeth would need surgery.
The first day I was pretty nauseous any time I picked my head up off the pillow. Late the first day I walked to the door and got in the wheelchair to go and see Elizabeth. The nurse put some medication in my IV to get rid of the nauseousness. I was able to walk from the door back to my bed and that was it. The second day I twice walked down to the NICU and rode with the wheelchair back to my room. By the third day I was walking several times to the NICU both ways. After that she was moved to a different wing of the NICU in the new remodel of the children's hospital which was twice as far. By then I was fine walking both ways several times a day, even the farther distance. I credit this walking for a relatively easy recovery.
Elizabeth was to have surgery for an imperferated anus and anovaginal fistula the day after she was born, about 36 hours later. She was wheeled away at 5:30pm. The surgeon came to talk to us a bit after 10:00 that night. Everything went well, best case scenario. Her ventilator came out the next morning. She was on antibiotics for two days afterwards just in case of infection, which there was none. She could not eat by mouth for six days after surgery in order to give her intestines and surgery site a chance to heal. She was very hungry! She definitely loved her pacifier during her hospital stay. However, once she was cleared to eat, she was immediately a great nurser. She gave up the pacifier and almost never took it again!